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CITT webinars allow you to learn online from subject matter experts on topics relevant to supply chain & logistics, business management & strategy or career development. CITT webinars are FREE for CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals (CCLPs) and CITT students, and $75 for other industry pros. CCLPs earn 5 CMUs for your first viewing (live or archived) of each webinar.

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Incoterms: Minimize Your Supply Chain Risk - May 5, 2021

This webinar examines the merits of each of the eleven terms in Incoterms 2020, including the transfer points for cost (i.e. freight, insurance and customs formalities), and risk. You will also review the appropriate use of Incoterms for various modes of transport, including containerized marine shipments, and the point where cargo insurance should be considered. Learn moreRegister

FOB vs Incoterms - May 12, 2021

Although Incoterms have become the recognized standard worldwide for international shipments, North American shippers are often confused when it comes to “shipping terms of sale”, particularly “FOB”. This webinar presents an overview of the “shipping terms of sale” that evolved from the U.S. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and have been in widespread use in North America since 1952, and reasons why “FOB” has earned the reputation as the most misused shipping term. ​ Learn moreRegister

New Tools for Managing Risk for Input Costs & HR - May 26, 2021

In this webinar, AON will give CITT a first look at its new product designed to protect businesses against unpredictable input and commodity pricing. Sure to be of interest to any professional in the transportation logistics business - especially those who manage risk or who deal with significant amounts of inputs and commodities with fluctuating costs - this presentation will explain the mechanics of the Input and Commodity Pricing solution and demonstrate how it can protect your balance sheet in an era of inflation. Learn moreRegister

Economic Trends Driving Warehouse Automation & Microfulfillment Technology - June 2, 2021

As we look ahead to predictions of continued disruption across a slowly recovering labour market, businesses are embracing automation at points across their operation to not just remain competitive but to keep their doors open. Companies that have thrived have innovated, automated, and integrated new technology into the ecosystem of their supply chain & retail operations. Join this session to learn how economic trends in retail and manufacturing have pushed the need for Micro-Fulfillment technology across industries.​ Learn moreRegister

The Road to Digital Transformation - August 11, 2021

In this session, Brian Vezza, Strategic Advisor at Dematic, will share how you can make smarter, faster and more dynamic decisions by digitizing for your immediate needs while enabling longer-term success. There is a clear path to building your foundational capabilities with digital solutions, leading you to reduce unplanned downtime while increasing efficiency, utilization, throughput, and profitability. ​ Learn moreRegister