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Customized Supply Chain Logistics Training for your Employees

As business competition intensifies, leaders are increasingly realizing that the skills and abilities of their people are their biggest advantage. This is especially true in supply chain logistics, where there’s a shortage of talent and it seems there’s always more to learn. CITT is pleased to help businesses like yours address this with our learning solutions and training program.

CITT offers fully customized workplace training and skills-building for your employees. We work with you to create supply chain logistics training that suits the needs of your business and your people.  Whatever the time, place, and training goal, we can create a solution for your organization. Your options might include:

  • In-office sessions (recurring or one-time)
  • Online workshops
  • Customized courses

CITT’s roster of subject matter experts can create learning curriculum covering key skills and knowledge across the supply chain. And based on your desired outcomes, we can deliver that learning based on your group size, ideal session duration & timing, and build in repeatability in case you’d like the learning delivered to multiple teams across the country.

Some of the topics we've delivered and heard interest from industry around include:

  • Incoterms: Definition and Examples
  • LTL Rate Calculation
  • Inventory Management / Forecasting
  • Warehousing and transportation within the Supply Chain
  • Microsoft Excel: Applications in Supply Chain Logistics
  • Modal Primers, including Differences, Pros, and Cons between Modes
  • Order Cycle- from EDI to Customer Satisfaction-Milestones in-between 
  •  Customer Service and Logistics Interface: Collaboration to Achieve Business Goals

VersaCold, the country’s largest supply chain services provider for temperature-sensitive products, was one of the early adopters of CITT’s learning solutions. Mr. Douglas Harrison, CCLP, VersaCold’s President & CEO explained why:

“CITT has a well-deserved reputation for delivering outstanding learning, so when I learned they were able to provide a learning product tailored to our specific needs, we jumped to make the investment. We were very pleased with the outcome of the program, and had the training held across the country. I’d highly recommend it to any organization – carrier or shipper – looking to build their people’s abilities proactively or to address immediate organizational needs.” - Douglas Harrison, CCLP, President & CEO, VersaCold

Contact CITT for More Information and Begin Developing Your Supply Chain Logistics Learning Solution

Click here to download an overview of CITT's customized corporate training solutionsThe first step in building your learning solution is to reach out to us and have a discussion. You might have a very clear idea of the kind of training your people need, or you might not – and that’s fine. Either way, please reach out to us with any questions you have about learning solutions and supply chain logistics training for your employees. You can also download a two-page overview of CITT's customized training solutions if there's someone else at your company you want to pass this information along to.


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