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Presenter: Trey Griggs: Global Director of Sales - Hubtek

Air Date: June 10, 2020

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In a world in which anyone can plan an entire vacation on a cell phone or have an issue resolved in a chat monitored by a bot, it’s time for the transportation industry to consider how to become more efficient in its operations, create a more satisfying work environment and increase profit margins in a highly competitive industry.  

The top 5% of transportation companies have IT departments that are bigger than the majority of transportation companies in existence. These massive IT departments have created automation in every area of their business, making it easier to provide quotes, create new orders, onboard new carriers, dispatch trucks and complete each transaction.  But for most transportation companies, all of these tasks are still performed manually, often with errors and consuming much of their time. 

In this session, you will:

  • Discover how Robotic Process Automation has the power to transform a business immediately
  • Learn about the processes most ripe for automation in transportation
  • Understand the benefits & ROI of introducing Task Automation Bots into your workforce
  • Be invited to take a deeper dive into your company’s processes to see how automation will impact your business

CMUs: Certified CITT members earn 5 CMUs for their first viewing of this webinar (live or recorded). 


About the facilitator: 

Trey Griggs: Global Director of Sales - Hubtek 

Trey began his career as a high school physics teacher and coach, also spending much of his time working with students as a youth pastor. In 2010, Trey began a career in sales, cutting his teeth in door-to-door office supply sales for 15 months before accepting an opportunity at DAT Solutions as an inside sales rep.  In his first 10 months, Trey was the top-performing sales rep in four of those months, earning Sales Rep of the Year in 2012 among a team of nine sales reps. During his nine years in the transportation industry, Trey has gained experience in several sectors within technology, including load boards, rate analytics, TMS systems, visibility solutions, digital freight-matching platforms, and now Robotic Process Automation. 

Trey enjoys speaking on technology, sales & marketing strategies, as well as leadership & organizational structure.  When he’s not investing in the transportation industry, you can find Trey spending time with his family, renovating his home, playing golf, working out, reading & playing music



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