Earn 5 CMUsEconomic Trends: Drivers for Warehouse Automation and Micro-Fulfillment Technology
Presented by Alex Dale, Global Solution Consultant - Dematic

Air Date: June 2, 2021

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As we look ahead to predictions of continued disruption across a slowly recovering labour market, businesses are embracing automation at points across their operation to not just remain competitive but to keep their doors open. We’ve all learned to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic, while companies who have thrived have innovated, automated, and integrated new technology into the ecosystem of their supply chain & retail operations. 

Dematic’s Micro-Fulfilment Solution empowers businesses with high throughput requirements to maximize space and achieve profitability with e-commerce orders, advancing their omnichannel distribution strategy to give customers what they want, when they want it, where they want it. Join this session to learn how economic trends in retail and manufacturing have pushed the need for Micro-Fulfillment technology across industries. 

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About the facilitator:

Presented by Alex Dale, Global Solution Consultant - Dematic

Alex Dale, Global Solution Consultant, Dematic. Alex is involved in the commercialization of new solutions at Dematic. His 15+ years in the grocery industry, recently rolling out a national e-commerce program & developing a combined growth and Micro-Fulfillment strategy, enables him to serve as the “Voice of the Customer” constantly challenging Dematic to respond to the ever-changing market needs in order to create customer advocates. This ensures Dematic customers have a thorough understanding of the many ways Micro-Fulfillment can provide seamless online and instore experience for consumers. Alex is currently hosting virtual sessions spanning North America and European audiences, sharing the benefits of Dematic’s ability to power the future of commerce. Alex’s consumer-driven mindset ensures he is hyper-focused on developing MFC solutions that not only improve top-line Operational Metrics, but enhance the end Customer Experience as well.