Earn 5 CMUsThe Metamorphosis of Retail Supply Chains Since COVID-19
Part 3

Gary Newbury, CCLP ​- Retail Supply Chain Strategist & Serial Transformation Executive 

Air Date: August 26, 2020. 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

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Gary Newbury will be conducting the third of a series of discussions on August 26th, and will continue to help and guide the audience to make sense of likely changes which COVID-19 has provoked to the fundamental structure of B2C/D2C supply chains.

Gary will continue to build on the factors around consumer behavioural change, retailing history and emerging trends as retailers attempt to weather this episodic discontinuity event.

Given this tumultuous period which was unexpected and unprecedented in its socio-economic force, it is clear, retailers must accelerate their transformational journeys/programs to remain relevant and profitable. To survive and thrive, they must now reinvent. He will discuss some of the structural changes retailers must face up to, how the internal supply chain must be rescoped and “joined up” to operate frictionlessly, the rise of both marketing and supply chain dynamics/interplay as retailers reprioritise what is important and obstacles senior teams need to address to be successful.

Gary will conclude with one perspective on the future of Canadian retailing for the 2020s, the potential supply chain design, organization and executional approaches required to succeed. He will paint a picture of the considerations retailers need to think about as they position themselves beyond competing on price. He proposes they focus, instead, into a clearly differentiated proposition, face up to a continuous cycle of reinvention of their retailing concepts to keep driving sustainable profitability.

The format will be for Gary to lead with an abridged presentation of broadly 20-25 minutes then open up to audience discussion.

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About the facilitator:

Gary Newbury, CCLP ​- Retail Supply Chain Strategist & Serial Transformation Executive 


Gary is a CCLP and Prize Winner and a recognized thought leader in “The Retail Supply Chain of the Future” by the Retail Council of Canada and other professional bodies. He contributes his knowledge to many audiences, including digitally transforming retailers and brands and the Canadian retailing press.

His 30-year track record of transformational change is notable for rapidly driving underperforming fulfilment facilities, distribution networks and the last mile to market leading performance, with an exemplary record of performance improvements in service and profits within complex, fast moving and often highly ambiguous retail supply chain environments.

Prior to coming to Canada, Gary operated as a Retail Supply Chain Transformation Executive where he provided executive leadership to European organisations across end to end retail value chains, completing more than 50 separate mission-critical assignments, including many supply chain transformations and business turnarounds.

Since coming to Canada, Gary has been engaged with a large food service organisation accelerating innovation and fulfillment excellence within their distribution network and last mile operations. He is now looking for an opportunity to move back to Bricks & Mortar retailing as a CSCO, helping an organisation to win in a post COVID19 competitive environment, aligning their distribution networks for agility, flexibility, resilience and ultimately contributing to setting trends and building an enduring brand.