Mythbusting Rail - A 3rd Service Option for Western Canada

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Presenter: Aaron Lalvani - General Manager, Vision Transportation

Air Date: October 2, 2019

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Shippers to Western Canada are frustrated with poor service levels and have limited carriers to work with. In this webinar, Aaron Lalvani, General Manager of Vision Transportation will discuss a 3rd service level that removes several frustrations with a hassle-free intermodal solution.  

The current competitive environment for more customer share of wallet between e-commerce and brick and mortar purchases requires a different approach to moving goods across North America or globally. Shippers are investigating various distribution models across more complex supply chain channels to keep their costs in check while managing in-stock levels. Developing hybrid transportation models should be a burning imperative within the transportation industry.

This presentation will focus on two key themes:

  • Rail as a formidable service solution and can be more reliable than standard intermodal and road solutions

  • Technological enablers – The Good, The Bad & The Necessary.

Shippers will leave with new perspectives to challenge their current distribution systems with practical information so they can re-cost existing freight spends and evaluate current methods of moving goods across North America. Some secrets will finally be revealed that will shed light on some age-old suspicions.




About the facilitator:


Aaron Lalvani - General Manager, Vision Transportation

Having spent over 45,000 hours in the transportation field from freight sales, supply chain and freight consulting, launching a fleet telematics solutions to currently managing a large asset based 3PL corporation, Aaron’s perspective on the industry and where it is going will challenge all levels of expertise. He is passionate about building talented teams, driving corporate initiatives and helping customers attain higher performances through transportation and counter intuitive but implementable solutions.