2020 Salary Survey Results

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Presenter: Lou Smyrlis, Managing Director, Newcom Trucking and Supply Chain Group
John Tenpenny, Editor - Canadian Shipper

Air Date: March 18, 2020

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Is your logistics job paying what it should?
Are you paying those reporting to you what you should be?​

Find out as Canadian Shipper research director Lou Smyrlis walks you through the results of the Survey of the Canadian 

Lou Smyrlis

Logistics Professional, the most comprehensive study of our profession’s remuneration and career trends. The survey was conducted in partnership with CITT.  The webinar examines the many factors that determine remuneration for supply chain professionals as well as the keys to job satisfaction. 

This popular webinar is a can't-miss look at compensation in the industry, giving professionals important knowledge when negotiating for a raise or new job, and helping employers offer competitive pay to current and prospective employees. 

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About the facilitators:

Lou Smyrlis, Managing Director, Newcom Trucking and Supply Chain Group.

Is the Managing Director of the  Newcom Trucking and Supply Chain Group. The nation’s largest media outlet serving the needs of Canada’s transportation professionals, it includes Canadian Shipper, Inside Logistics, Truck News, Truck West, Today’s Trucking, Truck Tech, Transport Routier, Solid Waste & Recycling as well as several websites, newsletters, directories, the Web TV show Transportation Matters, and the Surface Transportation and Canadian Fleet Maintenance Summits. Lou has been reporting on transportation issues for  over  25 years and is a winner of several writing awards. A frequent speaker on industry issues he is a leading authority on industry trends having pioneered several industry research projects. His work has been published by the Harvard School of Business, translated into Spanish and Chinese, referenced in university research papers and included in a university textbook on management practices. He is an avid researcher of Byzantine history and enjoys riding and training his three horses. 

John Tenpenny, Editor - Canadian Shipper 



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