Achieving Your Best Transportation Tender

5 CMUs

Presenters: Alef Bouguerra, PhD, Logistics & Mathematics and Daniel Vandette, President & Founder, 2.0 Consulting

Air Date: October 14, 2020

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The COVID pandemic has had a huge impact on the way goods are bought and consumed. This has forced businesses to rethink their strategies, including transportation.

The review and revaluation of the supply chain will give businesses an opportunity to get in control of their logistical operations, decrease their cost, and decrease the risks associated with them. As part of this process, going through a transportation tender would allow companies to identify potential new carriers and make sure incumbent are the most profitable destination for them. Businesses will cope with a better understanding of transportation procurement and with the same idea optimize their transportation strategies. It is a great time for it!

In this session, Alef Bouguerra and Daniele Vendette will discuss how to optimize business's transportation procurement, the tools available to do so, and the thinking behind it.

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About the presenters: 

Alef Bouguerra, PhD, Logistics & Mathematics

Afef Bouguerra has been heavily involved in a variety of projects. Her involvement with many clients has provided her with numerous opportunities to exercise and excel through her skills in the optimization of the distribution network, managing tenders, and data analysis. Gifted with her incredible perseverance, she is well prepared to see any challenge through to its end. She has experience in supply chain management, teaching and research and frequently works with software such as Power BI and CSO. She holds a PhD in Logistics and Mathematics.

Daniel Vendette, CCLP - President & Founder, 2.0 Consulting

President founder of 2.0 Consulting, Daniel has more than 30 years of experience with international organizations, improving functions of Supply Chain, Transport and Logistics. His experiences are as much in an operational level than tactical and strategical aspects.

He plays an active role in the Canadian logistics community. Speaker in logistics conferences, Daniel is the outgoing President of Montreal's section of the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT)

Daniel has negotiated important mandates for firms worldwide and within various industries. His key competences are notably in transport, distribution, outsourcing, customer service and managing ERP projects.

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