Weather Impacts on Logistics

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Presenter: Scott Kehler - President and Chief Scientist, Weatherlogics
Air Date: Wednesday October 19, 2022 - 12:00 - 1:00 PM ET

Winter is quickly approaching in Canada. With supply chains being tight, weather-related delays and accidents can make logistics even more challenging when the weather turns cold. Last fall and winter were especially severe, with heavy rains washing out roads in BC and blizzards frequently closing highways across western Canada.

In 2022, Weatherlogics tested how weather monitoring can improve safety and efficiency in transportation. Join Scott Kehler as he presents the results of their research to help others in transportation and logistics better manage severe weather. Learn more about weather and how such information can be used to help improve safety and efficiency. There are many weather monitoring tools available, but knowing how to use them correctly can make all the difference.

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Scott Kehler

About the facilitator: 

Scott Kehler - President and Chief Scientist, Weatherlogics

Scott is the President and Chief Scientist of Weatherlogics. Prior to co-founding Weatherlogics, he completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in meteorology at the University of Manitoba. While at the U of M, he researched the influence of the Manitoba lakes on weather and how severe thunderstorms form at night. This research has been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals. In his current role as Chief Scientist at Weatherlogics, Scott conducts weather research and develops tools to help clients plan for all types of weather conditions. This includes new methods to improve road weather forecasts. Despite his research focus, Scott still enjoys forecasting day-to-day weather and is often involved with preparing forecasts for high-impact events.