Never worked in supply chain logistics?

CITT's CITT-Certified Logistics Professional designation and program of study are designed for the professional development of those already working – in some capacity – in logistics, transportation, distribution, warehousing, or other supply chain related roles and companies.

If you have not yet worked in a supply chain or logistics role and are looking for an entry level program to get into the industry, we recommend you look at the programs offered by our academic and training centre partners - click here to learn more.

To start building your professional network and learning more about the logistics industry, you can also enroll Canada's Logistics Community as an affiliate. For an annual fee, you'll get invitations to online and in-person networking, career development and professional development events, access to an online discussion and networking platform where you can connect directly with logistics professionals from across the country, free webinars on logistics-related topics, and more. To learn more about enrolling in Canada's Logistics Community, contact Rachel MacKenzie at

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If you have any questions we didn't answer above—or if you'd like help getting registered—CITT's staff are available to support you. Contact us at or 416-363-5696. We're here from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday.


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