CCLP designation certificateThe CCLP® Designation

CITT Certification of Logistics Professionals

CITT's goal is to develop (and certify) professionals who have a deep academic and practical understanding of what it really takes to design and operate responsive, uninterrupted and profitable supply chain logistics operations that deliver value to their companies and their customers—not just fast-track people through a process to give them a personal marketing credential. That's why CITT is industry's preferred source for complete abilities building in the business of supply chain logistics, chosen 3:1 over all other, non-purchasing-related credentials, and CCLP was rated as industry's most valued logistics designation/program.1,2

Created for industry, by industry, CITT compresses over 50 years of real-world experience and innumerate hours of logistics experience into its case-based professional course of study which is developed, updated and facilitated by successful, proven logistics practitioners. The CCLP designation is proof its holder has met CITT's industry-based, widely-respected, and nationally-recognized standard of expert-ability.

Thousands of progressive companies on the shipper, carrier and ancillary services sides of business trust CITT to accelerate their peoples' learning curves, protect their supply chain stability and capabilities, and create a framework for ongoing professional development. And thousands of CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals (CCLPs) have maintained their designation over the years—bringing distinction and competitive abilities to themselves and their companies.

The CCLP designation has the highest standard of professional expertise in the business of supply chain logistics

Thousands of professionals look to CITT for professional certification and many maintain their professional designation voluntarily year-after-year. No other industry designation has such a high, ongoing standard of experience and knowledge. Before they can be certified or call themselves a CCLP on an ongoing basis, CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals have:

  • proven their business and logistics knowledge,
  • amassed over 6,000 hours of relevant industry experience,
  • provided evidence of on-going professional development every year and
  • committed to follow CITT's Code of Professional Ethics.

Click here to learn more about the full requirements to earn the CCLP designation, or click here to learn about the ongoing professional development and commitment to the CITT Code of Professional Ethics required to maintain the CCLP designation.

How industry can recognize a CCLP

CCLP TrustmarkOnly fully-certified members of CITT who've completed all the requirements for their professional designation including being a member of CITT are entitled to call themselves a CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) and display their CCLP designation in any or all of the following ways:

  • The CCLP initials will appear after their names
  • They might describe themselves as "CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals"
  • They may display their CCLP designation certificates
  • They may wear their gold CCLP lapel pins
  • They may display an optional-use, annual CCLP Trust-Mark

Why demand is exploding for CITT's logistics designation

There's exploding demand for CITT's specialized logistics and business courses leading to a professional CCLP designation among organizations of all types and sizes, and across functional roles and seniorities. We attribute this to several fundamental market dynamics:

  • The complexity of the supply chain & logistics business is increasing and people with proven abilities give their companies a distinct competitive edge.
  • The demand for qualified staff is quickly outstripping available supply and this is worsening as the boomer exodus starts.
  • People understand that a designation program can help them get smarter, faster and that a designation is the surest way to boost their earning power, advancement potential and access to other career enhancements.
  • CITT is viewed as industry's most experienced, trusted and valued credentialing organization offering the most comprehensive designation based on a deep understanding of the business of supply chain logistics.

The CCLP designation is an ideal professional designation for Shippers and Carriers

Thousands of organizations across all commercial sectors have, or have had, employees who are at various stages of professional development and/or full certification with CITT. The CCLP designation is an ideal credential for anyone who buys, sells or manages the flow of goods or product—or is impacted by supply chain logistics.
CITT develops, deepens and demonstrates the abilities of the dedicated specialists in the supply chain logistics sector often called the "Carriers". Almost all of Canada's major ports, leading transportation companies representing every mode, vertically integrated 3/4PLs and many ancillary service providers have student and credential holders from CITT.

CITT also develops the supply chain and logistics abilities of people who work for companies the sector calls "Shippers". CITT's designation supports manufacturers, retailers, import-exporters, and other organizations that ship goods, resources or raw materials. We support those who handle their logistics in-house, as well as those who outsource and procure services from specialized providers.

How companies benefit from having CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals

Whatever the economic climate, it's always wise to invest in your people for short-term compete-ability as well as longer survive-ability. We know we need to home-grow more talent since there are fewer experienced professionals available to attract from competitive companies now that the Boomers are starting to retire. Companies just can't develop the up and comers fast enough.

We also know supply chain and logistics, no matter what new technologies are there to help us, is a people-rich business. Our people make or break our profit-ability—especially when we're running lean. People with a breadth and depth of specialized logistics and management ability can find opportunities, protect our companies from risk and can differentiate our firms with customers on the basis of their expertise.

Courses from CITT can complement your in-house training efforts to help your people get smarter, faster. And having CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals on staff with industry's preferred, specialized logistics designation can deliver value in many ways. They can more reliably deliver important outcomes:

  • More profitable, reliable and sustainable supply chains and logistics operations
  • More controllable operations, less vulnerable to damaging risks and trade compliance infractions
  • Better maneuverability to respond to the major, beyond-your-control disruptions to the global supply ecosystem that impact the majority of companies3

Click here to learn more about the employer benefits, payback and ROI of hiring CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals and/or supporting current staff to take CITT courses and earn the CCLP designation.

CCLP abilities can impact critical, business-altering KPIs

Proven logistics expertise has compelling impact on key KPIs. A CCLP designation develops and demonstrates abilities. And abilities drive performance.

A landmark global study demonstrates that uninterrupted supply chain operations are more closely linked to a company's overall financial performance than any other operational factor.4 And recent research out of MIT reports that uninterrupted supply chain operations were more sensitive to skill set and expertise factors than any of the other, big factors such as commodity pricing or the cost of energy and oil.5

Having mature supply chain logistics capabilities in place to avoid or manage supply chain interruptions has compelling impacts on key operating performance indicators, such as:5

  • Total supply chain lead-time variability
  • Total cost
  • Order fulfillment lead time
  • Inventory turns
  • Supply chain assets utilization
  • Total supply chain lead-time
  • Customer service level or fill-rate
  • Sales revenue
  • Market-share
  • Market value

The CCLP designation from CITT provides the kind of ability-building companies need to run profitable, invulnerable and sustainable supply chain logistics operations. And the CCLP designation is proof its holder has met CITT's industry-based, widely-respected, and nationally-recognizded standard of expert-ability.

A CCLP designation develops and deepens many of the abilities required for strong corporate performance

Having depth and breadth of specialized logistics knowledge is the key to predicting and maneuvering through the Great Disruptions that strike our global and domestic supply chain logistics ecosystems.

CITT focuses on developing and deepening people's management abilities and equipping them with a sound understanding of integrated logistics and its component parts. Course work needed for the CCLP designation is case-based and helps people design and operate responsive, integrated systems within cross-functional supply chain and logistics environments to deliver maximum value to all stakeholders while minimizing exposure to service interruptions.

The last technical course people take in the program—Integrated Logistics—challenges their ability to understand, align and integrate all internal and external supply chain logistics functions into one cohesive system. These functions can include production planning, procurement, materials management and handling, quality control, inventory control and order processing, warehousing, data exchange, finance, transportation and customer service.

There are career-changing outcomes for people who carry a designation from CITT (CCLP designation)

When you know more and have a respected credential to prove it, you're worth more professionally. A designation from CITT has been proven to significantly boost people's earning power, career prospects and other, available professional enhancements. What's more people with professional designations are more likely to keep their jobs in tough economic times, or are more competitively positioned when looking for work.6 Click here to learn more about the benefits, outcomes and ROI for professionals who hold the CCLP designation.

CCLP Attainability

The CCLP designation and program of study is accessible for any professional who wants to do the work:

  • All courses are available online and are accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • Only 5 technical courses are required for people with business degrees or diplomas
  • A university degree is NOT a pre-requisite for the CCLP designation, unlike other sector credentials
  • World-class online business courses are available, if needed
  • Course exemptions are available to recognize relevant past education
  • CCLP is the most affordable supply chain designation/program and has the best ROI in the business.

Click here to learn more about how to earn the CCLP designation.

® CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) is a registered trademark of CITT

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