How to Earn the CCLP® Designation

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The requirements to earn the CCLP designation


To become a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional, you need to develop & demonstrate:

  1. Supply Chain Logistics Expertise
  2. Business Management Abilities
  3. Real-World Experience

CITT has two main paths to the CCLP designation: the Program of Study and the Challenge On-Ramp. Regardless of which path you choose, before you earn the CCLP designation you will need to demonstrate broad, deep, and practical knowledge of supply chain logistics and business management.

The CCLP Program of Study
In the Program of Study, candidates will develop and demonstrate their abilities through CITT’s courses, taking 5 specialized logistics courses and 5 business management courses. PLAR credit is available for the business management courses – see below for full details about the Program of Study.

The Challenge On-Ramp to the CCLP Designation
The Challenge On-Ramp, intended for mid-level and more senior professionals, the candidate will write a challenge exam, followed by a practical interview. The Challenge On-Ramp is intended for professionals who have already developed deep, broad knowledge of Canadian supply chain management. In order to attempt the Challenge On-Ramp, a candidate must have a minimum of three years’ experience. To learn more about attempting the Challenge On-Ramp, visit this page.


The CCLP Program of Study

In the CCLP program of study, here is how you'll develop and demonstrate your abilities:

  1. Supply Chain Logistics Expertise:

    Successfully complete CITT's 5-course suite of expert-level, specialized logistics courses, including 3 core courses plus 2 electives.

    Core Courses: Electives—Choose 2 from: All can be completed online, in as little as 18 months. Click here to learn more about CITT's specialized logistics course
  2. Business Management Abilities:

    If you already have a university or college degree or diploma in a business discipline, you can simply apply for advanced standing in the CCLP program of study to meet this requirement.

    No degree or diploma? No problem. CITT offers world-class business education and a diverse roster of business courses (some of which are offered in partnership with the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies). Simply take 5 business management courses (choose from 14 available courses) to meet this requirement to earn your CCLP designation. Individual course credits are also available if you've already taken some business courses which covered similar content.

  3. Real-World Experience:

    In order to hold the CCLP designation, you need to have at least 3 years of experience working in a supply chain or logistics function. This experience can be in Canada or international, working for supply chain sector organizations or in a supply chain or logistics function in another industry, at any level of seniority. The 3 years do not need to be consecutive, but you do need to have logged 3 years of practical experience in total.

    Please note, if you are considering the Challenge On-Ramp to the CCLP Designation, you must already have at least 3 years of industry experience prior to attempting it.

    However, the 3 years experience is not required to start the Program of Study. If you do not yet have 3 years industry experience, you can still get started taking CITT courses right away. Industry work experience can be logged at the same time. And if you happen to complete the academic requirements to earn your designation while you're still working towards your 3 years of experience, you can apply to become an Articling Participant, and remain part of the CITT community with access to most student- and members-only resources (like the career centre and free webinars) until you've got your full 3 years and can apply for full certification.


The Challenge On-Ramp to the CCLP Designation

For professionals who are confident they already know the business of logistics, the Challenge On-Ramp is an alternative way to to become a CCLP via traditional course work.

Instead of completing courses, candidates who pursue the Challenge On-Ramp to the CCLP designation demonstrate their supply chain logistics and business management competency through a simple, two-step process. This process consists of consisting of a Challenge Exam and a Practical Interview. Both assessments can be completed remotely from your place of work (online and by phone, respectively), and the entire process can be completed in a matter of weeks.

The Challenge On-Ramp to earn the CCLP designation consists of a Challenge Exam and a Practical Interview

The Challenge On-Ramp was designed for professionals with deep and diverse experience in supply chain logistics management. It’s most appropriate for mid-to-senior level people whose careers have touched on a variety of functional areas. There is a minimum requirement of 3 years working in relevant SCL roles to attempt the Challenge On-Ramp.

Click here to learn more or sign up for the Challenge On-Ramp to the CCLP designation

Additional Requirements for Certification

Once you have met the experience requirement and completed either the Program of Study or the Challenge On-Ramp, you will be eligible to apply for your CCLP® designation. In order to hold the designation, you will need to:

Click here to see the full set of requirements to maintain the CCLP designation year after year.


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