Canada Logistics Conference 2015  -  Learning Sessions  -  Panel - The 'Mature' Supply Chain

The ‘Mature’ Supply Chain

Gain new perspectives, insights and tips to help your supply chain compete and run better from this panel of professional logistics experts

Tuesday, October 27 • 8:30 am - 10:00 am

Competition among companies is now described as a battle of the supply chains. But it’s not the best supply chains that win; it’s the most mature. A range of important business performance metrics are tied to supply chain maturity.1 And research also shows that mature supply chain systems aren’t blind-sided by the damaging disruptions which frequently hit the majority of companies.2
Maturity isn’t a function of a company’s age or the tenure of its staff—that is, having more years in the market or having older hands at the wheel. Any company can operate maturely since a mature supply chain is "one that engages in extensive collaboration across a wide arc of supply chain partners in order to implement appropriate integrative practices."3

Join this power panel of senior supply chain logistics executives as they probe a range of maturity-related topics and exchange invaluable, hard-earned best practices based on their own mature operations. Hear how they apply mature strategies within their own systems and how these approaches can respond to the challenging realities of today’s complex, globally-integrated trade, diverse and widely distributed internal and supplier networks as well as the urgent HR/capacity crunch.   

While supply chain maturity has many facets, this session will focus on:

  • Strategies for working with distributed, multi-generational teams and how management and leadership must adapt.
  • Ways to recognize and manage cultural and regional differences and how doing so can improve operations.
  • Ideas about to how forge quality relationships, and the importance of information-sharing and contingency planning.
  • Hot-button issues related to maturity facing the sector in the next few years, such operating capacity, evolving RFQ processes, and more.

This panel discussion will offer relevant ideas for every professional who operates within the complex business of supply chain logistics. Delegates can take away actionable insights to enhance their company’s relationships and competitiveness.

About the Moderator:

Warren Sarafinchan, CCLP
Vice President, Sales & Supply Chain, Sun-Rype Products

Warren Sarafinchan joined Sun-Rype as Vice President, Supply Chain in August 2011. Since then Warren has also assumed the additional responsibility for the Canadian Sales function. Warren has over 20 years' experience in Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations and Systems Implementation and previously held senior positions at several consumer packaged goods companies including Mars Canada Limited, Maple Leaf Foods, and Labatt Breweries of Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta and the CCLP designation from CITT, where he was the chair of the board of directors from 2010-2013. Warren is a regular speaker at industry events on topics ranging from leadership, strategy, Supply Chain and systems implementation. Warren has also published articles in industry magazines on best practices in Logistics management.

About the Panelists:

Perry Lo, CCLP, CPA, CCS
Managing Directory, Canaan Transport

After obtaining his Chartered Accountant (CA) designation at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Perry went into industry and joined his family’s transportation and logistics business. After developing a new niche, he founded Canaan Transport Group Inc. in 2005 in order to develop more comprehensive transportation solutions for his customers. In 2008, after successfully delivering the Canada Line train cars in time for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, he relocated to Toronto to expand the business. Perry currently serves as the Vice Chair, Finance on the CITT Board.

Jacquie Meyers, CCLP
President, Meyers Transportation Services

In 2009, Jacquie Meyers took over as President of Meyers Transportation Services, which she joined in 2002 after graduating from McGill with a B.Com in Finance and Entrepreneurship and a CCLP designation. Meyers Transportation Services does business across Ontario, Quebec and the USA with the most extensive terminal network in Eastern Ontario. Her business employs over 500 people and has been family-owned and operated for over 85 years. Jacquie is the 4th generation of Meyers to lead the company and she also serves on the CITT Board of Directors.

Ginnie Venslovaitis, CCLP
Transportation and Supply Chain Professional, EG Enterprises Inc.

Ginnie previously worked as Director, Transportation Operations at Hudson’s Bay Company, where she oversaw $30 million in transportation expenses in Canada, as well as recently taking on the outbound transportation of Lord and Taylor and Saks in the United States. Ginnie is also the incoming Chair of the CITT Board of Directors for 2015-16.

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