CITT Code of Professional Ethics

As professionals in logistics management, CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals are obliged to comply with the Code of Ethics prescribed and adopted by CITT to uphold the integrity of the profession and CITT as a whole. Professional standing requires that members uphold and abide by the By-laws, the Code of Ethics and such Board Policies of the CITT as may be in effect from time to time.

Each certified CITT member shall agree to the following standards of conduct:

Personal Conduct

In personal practice, to do such things as are necessary to uphold such principles as are conducive to sound logistics policies and practices, designed to serve the public interest and the betterment of society generally, and to have the public interest as the paramount goal.


To place the interests of the member's company, employer, client or supplier before their own interest, and to have the duty of revealing the facts in any situation where their private interests conflict with those of the company, employer, client or supplier.


In their professional practice, not to engage in any activities deemed to be dishonest, fraudulent, misrepresentative or otherwise illegal, but to conduct themselves in duties assigned and/or in relations with other members in the public interest with integrity, discharging the same with that sense of trust and responsibility as befits the status of the profession.

Brand Integrity

To conform to the appropriate use as determined by CITT's Board of Directors in regards to the use of the CITT Brand, insignia and such designations or award(s) of excellence as CITT may confer on the member.


To use their position to advance the interests and well-being of society and to denounce all forms of business practice(s) which may compromise the value or bring discredit to the organization and/or society.