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Invest in your peoples' abilities - and in your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Professional development and training of all kinds has long been an important part of talent strategy. And it still is crucial to building a strong team. However, in today's employee-driven labour market, it's also a vital part of building your case for talent retention and attraction. Offering professional development, certification and access to a professional community through CITT are win-win benefits you can offer your employees.

Becoming a CITT Endorsed Logistics Employer is the gold standard for working with CITT to enhance your EVP. Many of CITT’s solutions that support employee learning & development, engagement and retention are also available on an as-needed basis.

Not sure which options best suit your needs?

CITT has solutions for every transportation logistics training need. If you're not sure which options best suit your goals, reach out to Daniele Lippi at DLippi@citt.ca