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Maintaining your CCLP Designation

Unlike academic degrees, professional designations must be regularly maintained. This helps ensure that CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals remain experts in the constantly evolving logistics business, and is a big part of the reason employers value credentials like the CCLP professional designation. To maintain your CCLP designation, you're required to:

1. Agree to uphold the CITT Code of Professional Ethics

Once every year, as a condition of their designation renewal, CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals renew their promise to uphold CITT's Code of Professional Ethics and recommit themselves to operating in ways that reflect the values of transparency and integrity. CITT recognises that supply chain and logistics professionals serve the public interest first and consider their responsibility to the betterment of society as paramount.

2. Provide proof of ongoing professional development

CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning. Certified members are required to accumulate and report 50 certification maintenance units (CMUs) every two years. CITT is pleased to provide many free or low-cost professional development opportunities. For example, CITT offers monthly webinars, and viewing each (live or recorded) is worth 5 CMUs. Taking a semester-length course is worth 40 CMUs, and attending Canada's Logistics Conference is worth 10 CMUs per day. 

3. Remain a CITT Member in good standing

In order to maintain the CCLP designation and the right to use the CCLP credential, CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals also need to remain CITT members in good standing. The CITT Constitution, By-Laws and Board Policies require certified members pay an annual professional fee (member dues) as set by the board of directors. Currently this fee is $425 (plus tax).