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Vancouver Area Council

Melissa Mulcahy, CCLP, Chair
Dick Hampton, CCLP, Vice Chair
Obi Ikpengwa, CCLP, Secretary
Bruce Waddell, CCLP, Treasurer
Gordon Boleen, CCLP, Membership
Scott Bennie, CCLP, Mentor
Ken Martin, CCLP, Mentor
Nemanja Andrejevic, CCLP, Events
Steve Thompson, CCLP, Events
Abhijit Bhadra, CCLP, Events
Madison To, CCLP, Events

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Alberta Area Council

 Jane Ayn Lyndon, CCLP - Chair
Shaun Shaw, CCLP - Vice Chair
Keith Rathgeber, CCLP - Treasurer
Chelsea Ancelet - Secretary
Anthony Arcouette, CCLP - Member at Large
Eric Murray, CCLP - Member at Large
Brad Beerling, CCLP - Member at Large
Kevin Bratburg, CCLP - Member at Large
Susan Elizabeth Beatty, CCLP - Member at Large
Lindsey Prowse - Member at Large

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Saskatchewan Area Council

Cheryl Starnes, CCLP - Chair
Shane Schiissler, CCLP - Vice-Chair
Jaime DeKelver, CCLP - Secretary
Tracey Davis, CCLP - Treasurer
Gayleen Creelman, CCLP - Executive Advisor
Prashant Gupta, CCLP - Member-at-Large
Teena Lightburn, CCLP - Member-at-Large
Brett Polanik, CCLP - Member-at-Large

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Manitoba Area Council

Don Connolly, CCLP - Chair
Dale Bjorklund,CCLP - Vice Chair
Don Connolly, CCLP - Co-Treasurer
Jennifer Mlodzinski, CCLP - Co-Treasurer
Jody Reimer, CCLP- Secretary
Bruce Goodridge, CCLP - Executive Advisor
Tammy Brown, CCLP - Member at Large
Darryl Gershman, CCLP - Member at Large
Bridget Johnson, CCLP - Member at Large
Michelle Madden, CCLP- Member at Large
Jay Michno, CCLP - Member at Large
Denis Neufeld, CCLP - Member at Large
Jonathan Solomon, CCLP- Member at Large

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Toronto Area Council

Chair: Denise Ponte, CCLP
Vice-Chair:  Lisa Vegso, CCLP
Treasurer:  Brett Poe, CCLP
Secretary: Bonnie Parkinson, CCLP
Project Coordinator: Sheryl Meens, CCLP
Events Coordinator: Lucille Thiele
Executive Advisor: Tom Pauls, CCLP

Grace DiMarca, CCLP
George Beck, CCLP
Michael Upwood, CCLP
Cole Brumwell, CCLP
Victoria Jones, CCLP
Noah Sidenberg
Matthew Zarzycki, CCLP

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Connect with TAC

About the Toronto Area Council (what we do for your community)

The CITT Toronto Area Council (TAC) has been in existence since 1965 – nearly as long as the CITT organization itself. The Toronto Area Council functions as the local, social committee of the CITT, organizing networking and educational events for Toronto members of the logistics community. All events are eligible for Certificate Maintenance Units (CMUs).

The members of the CITT Toronto Area Council Executive team are the individuals that help move the council along and allow us to have so many successful events. All are volunteers and happy to invest considerable time, effort and energy for CITT members, students and other logistics professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. We are always looking for others to get involved, so if you would like to host a tour or help with an event in any way please let us know.

For more information on the Toronto Area Council, to host an event or general meeting or to find out ways to get more involved please contact Denise Ponte, CCLP at cclp.denise@gmail.com.

CITT Toronto Area Council Bursary

Eligibility: The CITT Toronto Area Council bursaries are open to ANY student residing in the GTA registered in the CCLP program in 2024. The bursary is intended to be applied to any course in the CCLP program in which the student was enrolled in 2024 – including a course which has been successfully completed.

How to apply: Applications due by June 1, 2024 - submit an application here

The CITT TAC Executive Committee will review the applications and decide on two winners, to be announced at the CITT TAC general meeting in late 2024. If you have any questions email: cclp.denise@gmail.com

Bursary Available


CITT Quebec Council

Julie-Anne Dupuis, CCLP - Chair
Michael Loughman, CCLP - Vice Chair
Michael Loughman, CCLP -  Secretary
Erik Valiquette, CCLP - Treasurer
Michel Tanguay, CCLP - Member at Large
Ted Chazin, CCLP - Member at Large
Victor Charbonneau, CCLP - Member at Large

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