Challenge On-Ramp to the CCLP® Designation

If you already know the business of logistics, CITT can certify you without sending you back to class

Finally, there’s a fast, accurate and affordable way for experienced people to demonstrate their competencies and qualify for industry’s most respected logistics designation and full CITT membership. It's an alternative to becoming a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional via course work.

CITT's new Challenge On-Ramp to the CCLP® Designation is a simple, two-step competency qualification process consisting of a Challenge Exam and a Practical Interview:

Complete a Challenge Exam plus Practical Interview to earn the CCLP Designation

Both of these assessments can be completed from the candidate's place of work, online and by phone. If a candidate passes these assessments, they will be eligible to apply to become a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP designation holder). The entire process can take a matter of weeks. Candidates should check they can meet all the eligibility requirements to hold and carry the CCLP designation. See below.

Eligibility for the Challenge On-Ramp

The Challenge On-Ramp to the CCLP Designation was designed for individuals with diverse experience in supply chain logistics management. It's most appropriate for mid- to senior-level pros with Canadian experience whose careers have touched on a variety of functional areas managing complex supply chain logistics operations. The minimum of 3 years working in relevant SCL roles is the professional experience requirement for all CCLP designation candidates.


Eight Competencies Are Assessed

The Challenge On-Ramp is designed for experienced people with broad, deep, practical knowledge, skills and abilities across eight critical competency areas in Canadian supply chain logistics management:

Eight CCLP Competency Areas

The Challenge Exam was statistically-validated by hundreds of working professionals with the experience required for a CCLP designation holder at a high level without studying. Within each competency area, a candidate's knowledge will be challenged in the following sub areas (click on image to enlarge):

Competencies Dashboard

CCLP designation seekers who are confident they have mastered all these competencies can take CITT's new Challenge Exam. People who pass the exam will then participate in a Practical Interview. If you aren't sure if your knowledge in these areas is sufficient to pass the challenge exam and practical interview, you can take a short readiness test or review the Study Guide.

Study Guide

CITT has developed a Study Guide to the Challenge On-Ramp to the CCLP Designation. This 50+ page guide is designed to help candidates get familiar with the format of the Challenge On-Ramp Exam, provide you with information on the content of the exam and practical interview, and other strategies for your success. The Study Guide also contains 20 questions based on the same set of competencies as those in the exam - as well as the correct answers, their rationales, and in most cases, references for further reading or study. 

The Study Guide can be used alone, or in conjunction with the Practice Test, detailed below. Note that some of the sample questions in the Study Guide are found in the Practice Test too. However, the Study Guide clearly indicates which questions also appear in the Practice Test, so you can avoid compromising your Practice Test results. 

The Study Guide is complimentary when you register for the Practice Test or the full Challenge On-Ramp, and is available for $30 if you'd like to purchase it before committing to any other steps. If you'd like to purchase the Study Guide now, just send an email to Anthony at and he'll help you out.

Practice Test / "Readiness Check"

CITT offers a shorter, optional test that people can take to help assess their readiness for the Challenge On-Ramp. Taking it will give you a sense of what the Challenge Exam will be like. After you take this test, you'll receive a report showing how you scored relative to the pass standard, overall and within each competency area. And we'll give you an assessment of your readiness to qualify for the CCLP designation via the Challenge On-Ramp. You'll also receive personalized suggestions for additional preparatory learning, if needed, to develop competency area knowledge where you scored far from the standard*.

Based on your results you may opt to proceed to the Challenge On-Ramp, or you may decide there are some specific areas you need to brush up on before challenging in. Or you might choose to pursue CITT's course-based program of study to earn the CCLP designation.

You can sign up for the Practice Test any time, and will receive instructions and login information within 3 business days of registering. Once you've completed the Practice Test, you'll receive your results and recommendation within 5 business days. Click here to sign up to take the Practice Test.

*Please note, CITT does not provide copies of the correct questions & answers for this test or the formal competency assessments. The Practice Test is for diagnostic purposes only and is not intended as a study aid. Hundreds of working professionals validated the Challenge On-Ramp and set the standard without the need of prior studying. It is the only statistically-validated competency assessment of logistics professionals in Canada.

Final Steps to Becoming a CCLP Designation Holder and CITT Member

Eligible CCLP designation candidates who pass both the Challenge Exam and Practical Interview can apply to become CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals and full, voting members of CITT. You'll receive an application form from CITT staff once your assessors confirm you've successfully completed the Practical Interview.

From this point, the process is the same for all CCLP designation candidates regardless of which pathway they've taken to meet the competency requirements:

Once this application process is complete, you can opt to receive your CCLP designation certificate and regalia by mail or at one of CITT's annual certification events, and immediately begin to use the CCLP credential on your LinkedIn profile, resume, email signature, business cards and other business communications.





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