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Thursday, June 6, 2024

IT leaders in the logistics and transportation space face a range of challenges in managing the digital technology that supports the daily workflows of their organization’s vast deskless workforce.

High mobile worker turnover rates, high volumes and varieties of mobile device fleets, and an expanding list of applications can present challenges to IT leaders who must also comply with strict enterprise data privacy and security requirements. Moreover, given the criticality of many of these mobile solutions, uptime comes at a premium as organizations strive to minimize workflow disruption. As a result, mobile technology stands as not only a critical necessity but also a significant investment.

In an economic climate such as today’s, finding ways to cut costs and/or minimize capital investments are on the mind of all leaders. In this session, Shawn Winter, Managing Director of PiiComm, will walk through how business leaders in the logistics sector can:

  • Accurately calculate the true TCO of their mobile technology
  • Uncover ways to lower their TCO of this same technology
  • Improve annual and monthly cost certainty for their Finance team

Join Shawn as he shares recent research data and takes time to answer questions from the audience.

About the speaker

Shawn Winter

Shawn Winter

Managing Partner


Shawn’s expansive career in telecom, mobility and logistics – from hands-on technician to C-suite -- led him to co-found ShipTrack, a ground-breaking cloud-based solution for final-mile carriers. After scaling ShipTrack and playing a critical role in its $50M sale, he is a now managing partner at PiiComm, which offers world-class managed mobility services enjoyed by the likes of Canada Post, Air Canada and UAP. His current priorities involve securing PiiComm partnerships with premier re-sellers across North America and welcoming new customers into the fold.


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