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Thursday, June 6, 2024

The Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority is undergoing an ambitious decarbonization project, with the aim to reduce the port’s environmental impact, and improve sustainability.

This decarbonization project, which is being undertaken in partnership with Tunley Environmental and Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV), includes implementing a range of innovative technologies and methods to reduce emissions and promote cleaner energy sources, positioning the Detroit Port Authority as a leader in sustainable port operations. Initiatives include the implementation of renewable energy sources, the electrification of port equipment, and the use of cleaner fuels. The project will have significant benefits for the Detroit Port Authority and the wider community, including reduced emissions, increased efficiency, improved air quality, and improved environmental sustainability. In addition, the project is expected to generate cost savings and attract new business and investment to the port and surrounding areas.

Learn from the leaders at the forefront of this decarbonization project

Executive Director at the Port of Detroit, Mark Schrupp, will identify the necessity of carrying out a carbon/air quality assessment and ways to secure funding. Emily Alexander of Tunley Environmental, will delve into why carbon dioxide presents problems/challenges for society and the importance of relationship building to get fundamental baseline data. She will also emphasize the importance of balancing scope and address various social impacts.

Presented by:

Emily Alexander

Emily Alexander

Associate Carbon Scientist
Tunley Environmental


Emily Alexander has her degree in Environmental Engineering, as well as a Master’s in Public Health, both from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She is an Associate Carbon Scientist at Tunley Environmental working on the Port of Detroit Decarbonization Project.

Emily is passionate about work in the intersection of the environments we live, work, and play in, and its impact on our overall health. Our health is driven often driven by the environments we are in, so ensuring we care for those environments is essential for equitable health outcomes. She wants to work to reduce carbon emissions to bring about improved health outcomes for all people in an equitable way.

Mark Schrupp

Mark Schrupp

Executive Director
Detroit Wayne County Port Authority


Mark Schrupp, Executive Director of the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority, where he has served for three years, working to expand and diversify the Port of Detroit’s cargo and intermodal capacity. Most recently, Mark has led efforts in the Port of Detroit to develop a comprehensive decarbonization and air quality improvement plan. Prior to joining the Port Authority Mark served as a management and operations consultant to public entities and previously was Chief Operating Officer of Detroit Public Schools. Mark is an attorney and represented public entities in bond financing, contracts and commercial litigation. He is a Michigan native, a proud graduate of Detroit Public Schools, the University of Michigan and Wayne State University Law School.