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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Huge automation projects are expensive, but automation in your warehouse does not need to be.

With increasing cost pressure in today's supply chains, logistics professionals need to be on the constant lookout for ways of increasing operational efficiency. Warehouse automation has been much-talked about in logistics and distribution circles as a means of achieving cost savings.

But while many are aware of the concepts and benefits of warehouse automation, many remain daunted by the idea of undertaking a warehouse automation project. High-profile success stories often involve big budgets and complex projects. However, automation solutions need not be prohibitively expensive or disruptive to implement. In this presentation, Nick Reonegro, Associate Practice Lead at Avalon CSC, will discuss:

  • Practical automation solutions for the real world
  • General reasons for automating
  • Establish a budget for your project (ROI)
  • Establish a business case for your project (sales enablement)
  • Specific examples of real-world automation projects

About the speaker

Nick Reonegro

Nick Reonegro

Associate Practice Lead
Avalon CSC


Nick Reonegro has over 30 years of industry experience in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Having started his career as a forklift operator in 1991, his last industry positions prior to joining Avalon were at the executive level in Operations and Supply Chain.  Nick is a strong believer that the strategic use of technology, alongside properly trained and motivated people are the ultimate competitive advantage to any organization.


Session sponsored by:

Avalon CSC