The Future of Rail Supply Chain Management

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Presenter: Corrie Banks, Director, Logistics - Cando Rail
Air Date: June 19, 2019, 12:00-1:00 PM ET
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Acquiring real-time data at the operational level within the rail industry is labour intensive and time consuming. The lack of data makes it difficult to manage and optimize rail shipments in Canada. In addition, the 1960’s technology currently used is unreliable and incomplete. Managing the rail network with this data has resulted in lost shipments, rework, and lower profitability.

This webinar will give you insight into digital supply chain platforms for rail, through the lens of the Quasar system, built by Cando Rail. 

After viewing this webinar, you'll understand

  • What IOT/Digitization is in the context of supply chain logistics
  • Key components of a digital supply chain optimization strategy
  • Challenges in the North American rail industry
  • Value of having a digital strategy and what big data can do for your business

About the facilitator:

Corrie Banks, Director, Logistics - Cando Rail

Corrie Banks

Corrie Banks is a logistics expert with 22 years of experience. She is recognized internationally as a thought leader in the logistics industry and was recently recognized as one of the 100 most influential women in the Canadian supply chain. Corrie has worked for Canadian Pacific Railway, Canadian Pacific Logistics Solutions, Parmalat Canada, Triskele Logistics and currently works for Cando Rail Services leading their supply chain optimization platform. Using her “lean” and “six sigma” qualifications, Corrie has managed 3rd party logistics, warehousing/distribution, rail and truck shipments, railcar and truck maintenance and repair scheduling, port operations, load planning, shipment management, issue resolution, freight audit and payment, and data metrics and analytics. As an insightful, passionate, and dynamic leader Corrie looks forward to collaborating with industry professionals to innovate and optimize supply chains. 





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