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Course Description

In Business Strategy course, you’ll learn to put essential business management principles into practice to formulate business strategy. You will examine real-life case studies covering a wide range of Canadian and international business situations. This course works from a general management perspective to explore functional activities such as production, finance and marketing.

Topics include:

  • Strategy and why it’s important
  • Crafting and executing a strategy
  • Analyzing a company’s external environment and competitive position
  • Competing in foreign markets
  • Ethical and socially responsible business strategies

Course grads will be able to:

  • Understand strategic business theory
  • Develop and implement a strategic plan
  • Effectively implement and formulate business policies
  • Create strategies at both the corporate and functional levels of a business
  • Create strategic policies sensitive to societal values and trends

Course Work and Final Exam

Course work for Business Strategy includes a series of assignments which are due throughout the semester.

Your final exam will be held at an exam centre local to you—the University of Toronto coordinates exam centres across Canada, and internationally when necessary. Exam dates cannot be changed. Visit the course calendar page to see exam dates for upcoming semesters as they are scheduled.


Learning Assessment & Grades

Grades are reported as Honours, Pass, or Fail. To obtain a Pass, learners must obtain a minimum grade of 50%. To achieve Honours, learners must earn a total grade of 80% or higher.