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Course Description

In Organizational Behaviour, you’ll learn current theories about management, organization structures and the factors that influence behavior in organizations. Unprecedented change is currently happening in our understanding of how organizations should work, and managers need to understand how the behavioral elements of these organizations affect employees.

Topics include:

  • Organization structures
  • The role and function of management
  • Motivation
  • Conflict management
  • Change management

Course grads will be able to:

  • Better understand the skills required to lead employees
  • Analyze an organization and apply best practices realistically
  • Help create positive, constructive organizational environment
  • Communicate with teams and facilitate inter-team communication

Course Work and Final Exam

Course work for Organizational Behaviour includes a series of assignments which are due throughout the semester.

Your final exam will be held at an exam centre local to you—the University of Toronto coordinates exam centres across Canada, and internationally when necessary. Exam dates cannot be changed. Visit the course calendar page to see exam dates for upcoming semesters as they are scheduled.


Learning Assessment & Grades

Grades are reported as Honours, Pass, or Fail. To obtain a Pass, learners must obtain a minimum grade of 50%. To achieve Honours, learners must earn a total grade of 80% or higher.