The CCLP® Designation

Becoming a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional is easily the single best thing you can do to earn more money, access management positions in the supply chain logistics business, and protect your career through tough economic times. The CCLP designation will increase your professional credibility, capabilities and confidence.

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Why would you want a professional designation in supply chain logistics?   

Credibility. Employers want people with industry-based supply chain logistics credentials. Logistics has become a true profession and industry-based designations distinguish the people that really know what they’re doing. Companies are increasingly asking for people with designations for their management-bound staff.       

Why would you pick the CCLP designation in logistics management over other options?   

Respect. The CCLP Designation is the most highly valued logistics credential in the industry.

The CCLP designation is granted by CITT, a non-profit organization created by industry for industry. CCLP is chosen 3:1 over all other, non-purchasing-related logistics designations.1,2 Nothing says "logistics expert" as decisively as CCLP.

CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals also rank among the world's most well-rounded logistics professionals, meeting the highest standards for certified professionals in any field. CITT's ongoing promotional support and career-long professional development for CCLP designation holders is also the best in the business.

How You Can Become a CCLP Designation Holder

Depending on your background, your CCLP designation might be within closer reach than you think. Here is some more information how how to take your next step and earn your CCLP designation:


More Information about CCLP & CITT




® CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) is a registered trademark of CITT

  1. "12th Annual Survey of the Canadian Logistics Professional", Canadian Transportation & Logistics, January 2011
  2. Salary Study, Materials Management & Distribution/Purchasingb2b


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