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Negotiation Strategies for Supply Chain Professionals dives deep into the essential skills required to succeed in commercial negotiations, with a focus on the unique demands of the transportation, supply chain, and logistics industries. You will learn hands-on, practical skills to maximize value in negotiations – including the technical skills to plan a strategic, successful negotiation, plus the soft skills and proven behaviours to accomplish your plan. You will be able to use these tools and techniques immediately in your day-to-day role to increase revenue, reduce operating expenses and improve commercial terms.

This course delivers tangible benefits to those buying or selling in supply chain, as well as those working in the 3PL sector who may be both buying and selling.

Tailored specifically to the needs of supply chain logistics professionals, Negotiation Strategies for Supply Chain Professionals uses multimedia and interactive role-play exercises to enable both seasoned negotiators and novices to create new value for their businesses.

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Course grads will be able to: 

  • Create and execute a negotiation strategy using proven tools and templates.
  • Use key principles of commercial negotiations, including planning and value-creation vs. lowest price.
  • Identify what “type” of negotiation they’re entering into, position their business accordingly, and create and leverage power.
  • Communicate effectively in a negotiation, including how to make and respond to proposals.
  • Know how – and when – to use specific negotiation styles and approaches, including hard bargaining, win-win, and partnership-based negotiations.
  • Behave as a competent negotiator, including verbal and non-verbal cues, in formats such as live meetings, email, phone, RFPs, online auctions, and more.
  • Recognize a range of negotiation tactics and respond to them effectively.
  • Navigate the range of ethical issues surrounding negotiation, and create a ‘culture of negotiation’ in your business.

"Learn how to negotiate effectively in the safety of a learning environment —
not in a ‘trial-by-fire’ crash course sitting across the table from a highly skilled negotiator.”

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Warren Sarafinchan, CCLP

About the Facilitator:

Warren Sarafinchan, CCLP, Partner, Lighthouse Nine Group

Warren Sarafinchan is a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional with over twenty-five years of experience working in Supply Chain, IT and Sales. Most recently, he was the Executive Vice President, Sales / Supply Chain for SunRype Products. Prior to this role, he worked for organizations such as Mars Canada, Labatt Breweries and Maple Leaf Foods. Warren has lead transformational initiatives ranging from Supply Chain re-designs and ERP implementations to enabling organizations with new skillsets in commercial negotiation and employee engagement. Currently, Warren works with his clients across a broad spectrum of engagements including Supply Chain design and optimization, business strategy, executive coaching as well as professional development and advisory services in commercial negotiation.

Course Fee:

The fee for Negotiation Strategies for Supply Chain Professionals is $850 plus applicable tax.

International students pay an additional fee of $125 plus 5% GST per course. There are no refunds issued for courses taken directly through CITT once your registration and payment has been received and processed.

Course Materials:

All materials required to complete Negotiation Strategies for Supply Chain Professionals are accessible online through the course site. There are no textbooks required for this course.

This course does include an interactive assignment that will require an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to participate in two 10-15 minute video or voice calls. Learners who do not have access to an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth have the option to complete this assignment using a traditional phone line. Any costs associated with connecting for this assignment are the responsibility of the learner. 

Course Work and Final Exam:

Course work for Negotiation Strategies for Supply Chain Professionals includes:

  • Multiple Choice Quizzes (15%)
  • Written Assignments (25%)
  • Role-Playing Exercise (20%)
  • Final Exam (40%)

Multiple Choice Quizzes – 15% of course mark

Learners will complete 3 multiple choice quizzes online throughout the course of the semester. Each quiz is due at 11:59 pm ET on the published due date. Quizzes can be completed early for learners who need to plan ahead for business travel, vacations or other commitments, but must be completed before their individual deadlines.

You'll automatically receive your grade for each quiz immediately after you submit your responses, so you can see which questions you got correct, learn the correct answer for any questions you got wrong, and assess your learning as you go.

Written Assignments – 25% of course mark

Learners will complete two assignments based on case study scenarios. Learners are challenged to analyze the scenario provided, and apply the skills and knowledge gained throughout the course to respond to the questions provided.

The final written assignment is the preparation of a negotiation strategy, again applying the skills and knowledge gained throughtout the course and applied to a specific business case.

All assignments are submitted online through the course site. The due dates for the individual assignments will be listed under "Course Schedule" on your course site.

Role-Playing Exercise – 20% of course mark

During the course of the semester, learners will complete one practice role-playing exercise and one role-playing exercise for marks. Learners will schedule their role-playing exercise with the facilitator no later than one week prior to the due date.

Learners can select their choice of technologies to engage in the role-play exercise from the following options: Skype, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, or phone call. Any costs associated with connecting for this assignment are the responsibility of the learner. 

Final Exam – 40% of course mark

The final exam for Negotiation Skills for Supply Chain Professionals is held online, is 2.5 hours long, and is open-book. The exam is made up two parts:

  • Essay-style questions
    These questions are based on a case study, and involves applying the knowledge learned throughout the course to that scenario.

  • Multiple choice questions
    This section of the exam tests learners on the course materials in general, and is not based on the case study specifically.

The final exam period runs over the course of several days at the end of the semester. You can choose any (continuous) 2.5 hour window of time to begin & complete your exam during the exam period. Once exam period dates have been set for each semester they are available on the Key Dates page. This exam requires access to a computer with a reliable internet connection. In order to reduce the chances of technical issues, learners should use the Firefox web browser.

Learning Assessment and Grades

Grades are reported as Honours, Pass, or Fail. To obtain a Pass, learners must earn a minimum grade of 50%. To achieve Honours, learners must earn a total grade of 80% or higher.

The final grade is assessed based on both term work and the final examination, as follows:

  • Multiple Choice Quizzes (15%)
  • Written Assignments (25%)
  • Role-Playing Exercise (20%)
  • Final Exam (40%)

Within approximately one month after the final exam, you will receive your course results from CITT.

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