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Strategic Selling for Supply Chain Professionals enables professionals to improve the entire sales cycle of a business. Sales is among the most important function to transportation, supply chain, and logistics business – yet relatively few in those roles have formal, specialized training in this surprisingly complex discipline.


The course begins with principles of networking and business development and continues all the way to the creation of effective contracts. Learners will develop an understanding of the strategies involved in every step of the sales cycle and the ability to use practical and proven sales tactics.


Strategic Selling for Supply Chain Professionals assignments include the use of planning tools, as well as interactive role-playing exercises, to hone the abilities most valuable to the sales cycle. This course delivers immediate, practical benefits for professionals in supply chain logistics who are involved in sales and business development functions. The curriculum is highly relevant to those who manage complete sales cycles; those responsible for sales planning and strategy; and those on the front lines of the salesforce 

By the end of the course, learners will be able to more effectively create a sales plan and execute on it with confidence and improved pitching skills – leading to more prospects and more successfully closed sales. 


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Course grads will be able to:  

  • ​​​​Expand their network of valuable contacts using established networking principles and approaches 

  • Identify new prospects and know how to effectively approach them with business development tools 

  • Gain the trust of potential customers using need discovery and by asking effective questions 

  • Influence your customers by understanding their needs, using mirroring techniques and other strategies  

  • Confidently handle prospect concerns with objection-handling techniques, conflict management, and nimble contingency planning 

  • Present with impact by creating a compelling story, connecting with your audience, and using best practices for pitching 

  • Lead an effective contracting process by understanding potential contract roadblocks, contract languages, and key provisions  

  • Initiate and close more sales by optimizing every step in the sales cycle 

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Register now to take Strategic Selling for Supply Chain Professionals
online starting Sept 7 - Nov 27, 2021 

You can also register by phone, fax or mail 

About the Facilitator:

Christi Scarrow, Partner, Lighthouse Nine Group 

Christi Scarrow is a Partner at Lighthouse NINE Group and a certified executive coach. She draws on over 20 years of CPG experience in marketing and sales with firms including Revlon, Mars Canada, and Reckitt Benckiser. Prior to joining Lighthouse Nine, as the owner of ThinkPath Solutions, she was successful at delivering custom analytics and enabling insight-based thinking across many different organizations.

In her current role she leads the Insight and Organizational Accountability discipline and delivers business solutions in the areas of Insight, Strategy, Sales Effectiveness, Growth & Brands and Change Management. Her current clients include retailers, manufacturers and professional services. She is passionate about working with marketing and sales leaders to deliver growth and drive meaningful change.

Course Fee:

The fee for Strategic Selling for Supply Chain Professionals is $850 plus applicable tax.

International students pay an additional fee of $125 plus 5% GST per course. There are no refunds issued for courses taken directly through CITT once your registration and payment has been received and processed.

Course Materials:

All materials required to complete Strategic Selling for Supply Chain Professionals are accessible online through the course site. There are no textbooks required for this course.

This course does include an interactive assignment that will require an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to participate in two video or voice calls. Learners who do not have access to an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth have the option to complete this assignment using a traditional phone line. Any costs associated with connecting for this assignment are the responsibility of the learner. 

Course Work and Final Exam:

This online course consists of weekly readings, discussions, and quizzes. You will also have videos and practice opportunities to support your learning. All learning activities and materials are cumulative and designed to incrementally build your knowledge and skills, so it's important that you review all resources provided. Discussions and role-plays provide opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills you are learning.

Multiple Choice Quizzes (30%)

Students complete 6 short quizzes throughout the course of the semester. Each quiz is due at 11:59 pm ET on the published due date. Quizzes can be completed early for learners who need to plan ahead for business travel, vacations or other commitments, but must be completed before their individual deadlines.

Group Discussions (10%)

Each week, students will participate in online group discussions. These online discussions engage students in reflection, dialogue and debate, challenge you to apply the course material in real-world business scenarios.

Case Study & Role Play (20%)

During the course of the semester, learners will complete two role-playing exercises to practice the skills learned. Learners will schedule their role-playing exercise with the facilitator no later than one week prior to the due date.

Final Exam (40%)

The final examination will be completed on-line between July 21st to 25th. It consists of multiple-choice and long-answer questions and you will have two and one-half hours (2.5 hrs) to complete it.

Learning Assessment & Grades

Grades are reported as Honours, Pass, or Fail. To obtain a Pass, learners must earn a minimum grade of 50%. To achieve Honours, learners must earn a total grade of 80% or higher.

The final grade is assessed based on both term work and the final examination, as follows:

  • Multiple Choice Quizzes - 30% of final mark
  • Group Discussion Assignments - 10% of final mark
  • Business Case & Role Play (2) - 20% of final mark
  • Online Final Exam - 40% of final mark

Within approximately one month after the final exam, you will receive your course results from CITT.

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