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College of Northern Canada

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Learn more about the College of Northern Canada Pathway to the CCLP Designation here

Graduates who successfully complete this program meet all the academic requirements to apply for the CCLP designation with no additional testing or course credit application process/fees required. If they also have three years of industry work experience (including Canadian and international experience), they are eligible to apply for their CCLP designation right away. If not, they can apply to become CCLP Candidates, accessing the network and many additional perks while they accumulate their required experience.

CITT specialized logistics courses embedded in this program include:

  • Transportation System
  • Logistics Processes
  • Transportation Law
  • Economic Influences on Logistics
  • Integrated Logistics

This program also covers the competencies required to meet the general business course credit requirements to earn the CCLP designation.

Graduates of this program will be well-equipped for successful careers in logistics. And through connection with CITT, will have access to the network and community of professionals working across the industry, across the country.