Fully Accredited Academic Partners

Fully accredited partners offer their students all the required courses to become a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional. Students who succesfully complete the accredited program or full set of accredited courses meet all the academic requirements of the CCLP designation. 

Acsenda School of Management

Accredited Program: Bachelor of Business Administration

Students who successfully complete the following electives in the course of earning their BBA from Acsenda will earn all the academic credits require to earn the CCLP designation:

  • Managing Transportation Systems
  • Logistics Management
  • Integrated Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation Economics
  • Transportation Law
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Partially Accredited Academic Partners

Partially accredited partners have programs containing several of the courses required to become a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional. Students who successfully complete the accredited courses qualify for a fast track with advanced standing towards the CCLP designation, and only need to take the remaining courses to meet the academic requirement for certification. 


Recognized Programs: International Trade and Transportation Logistics Certificate (Part Time)International Business Management – Global Supply Chain Option Diploma (Full Time)International Business Management – International Business Option Diploma (Full Time)

To be eligible for the CCLP designation, BCIT students completing the above programs also need to take Transportation Law

Red River College

Recognized Program: Transportation and Logistics Management

To be eligible for the CCLP designation, Red River College students completing the Transportation and Logistics Management program also need to take three additional general business management courses, plus Integrated Logistics, and any two of the following: Transportation Law, Economic Influences on Logistics, and Logistics Decision Modelling 


Recognized Program: Business Administration - Logistics & Transport

During this program, students can take 9 of the required 10 credits to be eligible for the CCLP designation


Accrediting Your Program

An accredited CITT program adds significant value for your students and can be a major differentiator for your program. Your students will get a fast-track to the industry's most valued logistics certification - as well as access to the CITT network of professionals. To discuss accrediting your program, or working with CITT to fill in gaps in your existing logistics and transportation offerings, reach out to Maria at MMurjani@citt.ca

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