Schools & CITT Academic Partners

CITT is proud to partner with learning institutions across Canada to develop the professional competencies industry requires in the next generation of logistics leaders. We're in the process of adding new partners, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Centres of Excellence in Logistics Learning

Centennial College

Recognized Program: Supply Chain Management - Logistics

Centres of Excellence in Logistics Learning are recognized by CITT as the gold standard. Graduates of these programs meet all the academic requirements to earn the CCLP designation, and faculty are supported with professional development opportunities and learning materials. CITT works closely with our Centres of Excellence to help connect students and program graduates with employment and networking opportunities. 

Additionally, CITT hosts an industry networking event with Centres of Excellence, connecting working professionals with talent in the program. 

Fully Accredited Partners

Acsenda School of Management

Recognized Program: Bachelor of Business Administration
Courses required for CCLP certification: Managing Transportation Systems, Logistics Management, Integrated Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Transportation Economics, Transportation Law.

Fully Accredited Partners offer their students all the required courses to become certifed as a CCLP. Students who complete the necessary elective courses meet all the academic requirements of the CCLP designation. 

Partially Accredited Partners

Partially Accredited Partners have programs containing several of the courses required for CCLP certification. Students who complete these accredited courses need only to take the remaining courses directly through CITT. 


Recognized Programs: International Trade and Transportation Logistics Certificate (Part Time)International Business Management – Global Supply Chain Option Diploma (Full Time)International Business Management – International Business Option Diploma (Full Time)

To be eligible for the CCLP designation, BCIT students completing the above programs also need to take Transportation Law

Red River College

Recognized Program: Transportation and Logistics Management

To be eligible for the CCLP designation, Red River College students completing the Transportation and Logistics Management program also need to take three additional business knowledge courses, plus Integrated Logistics, and two of the following: Transportation Law, Economic Influences on Logistics, and Logistics Decision Modelling 


Recognized Program: Business Administration - Logistics & Transport

During this program, students can take 9 of the required 10 credits to be eligible for the CCLP designation

Get Your Program CITT Accreditation

An accredited CITT program adds significant value for your students and can be a major differentiator for your program. Your students will get a fast-track to the industry's most valued logistics certification - as well as access to the CITT network of professionals. To discuss accrediting your program, or working with CITT to fill in gaps in your existing logistics and transportation offerings, reach out to Maria at

In addtion to academic requirements, the CCLP designation has a requirement of three years relevant work experience (international experience IS counted). If a learner completes the academic requirement but has not accumulated three years' experience, they should apply to be an articling participant.