Partnerships & Alliances - Centres of Excellence in Logistics Learning

CITT Centres of Excellence in Logistics Learning are learning institutions and programs recognized by CITT as the gold standard for competency-based logistics education in Canada. Graduates of these programs are prepared for a rewarding career in logistics, and also meet all the academic requirements to earn the CCLP® (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) designation. Faculty of Centres of Excellence in Logistics Learning are also supported with professional development opportunities and learning materials.

Centennial CollegeCentennial College

Toronto, Ontario

Recognized Program:

  • Supply Chain Management - Logistics

SELC Career CollegeSELC Career College

Vancouver, British Columbia

Recognized Programs:

  • Supply Chain Management Specialist
  • Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics



Become a Centre of Excellence in Logistics Learning

As Canada's original and most highly respected professional logistics association, CITT brings a strong relationship with industry and works closely with Centres of Excellence in Logistics Learning to help connect students and program graduates with employment and networking opportunities, while helping employers engage with the next generation of top-performing logistics talent. Centre of Excellence status adds significant value for your students and can be a major differentiator for your program. Your students get a hassle-free fast-track to industry's most valued logistics certification - as well as access to the CITT network of professionals. To discuss options for your school, contact Maria Murjani, Senior Manager, Program and Academic Relations, at


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