Canada's Logistics Briefing 2021  -  Program

Briefing Program

Canada's Logistics Briefing brings professionals up-to-the-minute insights into the most important issues of today and what's just around the corner. Each session is curated to deliver concise and relevant data and forecasts. You'll leave with the latest information across Canadian logistics - equipped to make the best decisions and proposals.


To ensure each briefing is as up-to-date as possible, we're working closely with speakers and organizations to finalize the specifics of each briefing closer to the event date. As details are decided upon, CITT will make announcements both here and to registered attendees. The program is subject to change.

Each briefing is set to be between 30 and 60 minutes. 

Economic Briefing 
An expert economic forecast, with a focus on information relevant to transportation logistics. Expect analysis spinning out of the Federal election, the prospects of COVID recovery, and inputs from around the globe.

Trade Agreements Briefing
Analysis of current and upcoming trade agreements impacting Canada, and their impact on business now - and in the future.

Modal Briefings
Insider discussion of the state of the current major modes of transportation, and the hot-button issues they each face. 

eCommerce Briefing
eCommerce has become even more of a burning issue since the beginning of the pandemic. Learn about the newest best practices and upcoming hurdles facing eCommerce operations.

Legal Briefing
Get the latest insight into the laws affecting transportation and trade, including upcoming legislation and the enforcement and implementation of existing regulations.

Technology Briefing
Find out the newest and upcoming technology in logistics and learn how and why these technologies are being used in the industry.

Automation Briefing
Automation technologies are evolving rapidly, and even the savviest professional can struggle to keep up. This briefing will provide an update on the newest innovations in automation for logistics. 

Business After Vaccines Briefing
How will business and logistics change with widespread vaccination? How will ever-changing regulation and vaccine mandates impact the economy? Get a post-election analysis and forecast of business after vaccines in this briefing session.

Geopolitics Briefing
Get expert analysis on international dynamics and trends and their impact on business in Canada. You'll learn how the current and developing state of international relations is changing the business environment at home and abroad.


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