Canada's Logistics Conference 2022  -  Program  -  Closing Keynote: Skid Row CEO

Building Resiliency One Step at a Time

There's more to you than you can see​

Friday, June 10
2:05 pm - 3:20 pm ET

Every one of us is confronted by adversity, challenge and change. We face it with our families, work, health, finances, and issues worldwide. Success in the face of adversity and change depends on our level of resiliency.

In this keynote, Joe teaches how to build the resiliency needed to overcome life’s challenges and embrace change. As you walk with Joe through the tough streets of East  Vancouver in the 1980s, you will experience the depths and degradation of a former hopeless, homeless drug addict, to the heights and triumph of a successful entrepreneur.

Using a research-based behavioural change model, participants will evaluate their current state of resiliency and learn how to crush unproductive habits while developing a high-performance mindset. Participants leave with tools they can use immediately to create their inspired results. Joe is a treasured Canadian whose life story embodies the resiliency of the human spirit. His message is inspiring, energetic, humorous, honest, raw and unforgettable.

In this session, you will learn:
  • How to build resiliency despite the world around you.
  • Applying the A.I.R. Model for behavioural change
  • Why failure is predictable and normal
  • Seeing possibility – how to reframe a limiting mindset
  • How to convert failures into assets
  • The 3 most important things to know about engaging people

Keynote Speaker:

Joe Roberts
Motivational Speaker
Skid Row CEO

Joe Roberts is an expert on resiliency and change. In 1989 he was homeless living under a bridge. 12 years later he was a celebrated CEO and in 2017 he finished a 9064km charity walk across Canada. Joe helps companies and individuals redefine the impossible.

The most effective leaders in society are those rare individuals who can inspire their audience with a passion that can only come from personal experience. As the President and CEO of an extremely successful multimedia company, Joe Roberts has faced and overcome key business challenges, which confront every modern organization.
Joe’s business solutions have made millions of dollars for his clients across various business sectors. From this experience, Joe draws when addressing Fortune 500 companies, boards of trade, and professional associates internationally.

Joe is a college graduate with two business diplomas from Loyalist College in Ontario, where he won the coveted Laurie H. Cameron Memorial Award for academic excellence. After which he began his professional career making cold calls in the gritty world of photocopier sales. He quickly found himself promoted into a leadership and management position with a major audio-visual company.

With a track record of proven business success, Joe formed his own multimedia company, Mindware. In less than four years, he led his company to a phenomenal 800% increase in business and made his first million before he was 35.

What is most amazing about this young man however is that in 1989 he was living on the streets of Vancouver as a homeless skid row derelict. Through perseverance, determination and his resilient human spirit, Joe pulled himself out of the darkness and despair, to become a highly respected business and community leader today.
Drawing on the tremendous courage and determination necessary for his dramatic personal transformation, Joe now uses his amazing story, insightful humour and solid business experience to inspire individuals and organizations to achieve their own remarkable goals!

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